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Maple syrup

Maple Syrup is made of the sap of the sugar maple.
At the end of the winter the trees transport their juice from the roots to the leaf buds.
The tapped sap is filtered and cleaned before it is thickened to maple syrup in another process. Thus, the natural sugar is caramelized giving our syrup the unique taste.

Taste: Caramel flavour, sweet
Smell: Like caramel
Color: Amber

Ahornsirup wird auf Pfannkuchen gegossen.
Gläser mit Cranberrysaft

Cranberry syrup

Cranberry syrup has a fine balance between sweet and sour. Thus, cranberry syrup is a perfect addition for cocktails.

Taste: Fruity, like cranberries
Smell: Fine smell of cranberries
Color: Dark red

Blueberry syrup

The subtle sweetness and the natural sourness of blueberries make this syrup a perfect ingredient for yoghurt or quark and, of course, to garnish pancakes.

Taste: Fruity with a slight note of cinnamon
Smell: Fresh like blueberries
Color: Dark violet

Pancakes mit Blaubeeren und Blaubeersirup, der darüber gegossen wird
Gläser mit Schwarzem Johannisbbeer-Cocktail

Blackcurrant syrup

The syrup has the typical dark red color of blackcurrants and combines their natural sourness  and sweetness.

Taste: Fruity and sweet
Smell: Fresh like blackcurrants
Color: Dark violet

Agave syrup

For the production of Agave syrup only the heart of the agave plant is used. After the harvest the fruit is washed, chopped and the sweet juice is squeezed out.
The fibres and impurities are filtered. The juice is cooked until it is thick enough.

Agave syrup is used to sweeten food, juices and soft drinks.

Taste: Sweet and malty
Smell: Like caramel and malt
Color: Amber

Maple-agave syrup

This syrup combines the malty sweet flavor of maple syrup and the strong taste of agave and creates a totally different experience of sweetness.

Taste: Malty sweet with a slight touch of agave
Smell: Like caramel, malty
Color: Light gold

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut pulp.
After the harvest, the coconut is peeled.
The pulp is crushed and  cold-pressed.

This process leads to an extremely high quality and a unique taste.

Hälften einer Cocos-Nuss und Glas mit Cocos-Öl


Saffron is gained from the Crocus sativus plant that blooms only two days a year.

The flowers are picked by hand at the first day of their blooming. Afterwards the three orange to red coloured stamps are removed and dried. This leads to the typical flavor.

Taste: Bittersweet, smoky and earthy taste
Smell: Bitter and aromatic
Color: Dark red

Maple sugar

Maple sugar is made of maple syrup.

The syrup is boiled until it reaches a solid state and is then
crushed down to the desired size.

Maple sugar can be used to sweeten hot drinks, yoghurts and crepes.

Taste: Sweet, malty
Smell: Sweet like maple syrup
Color: Light brown

Sack mit Ahornzucker und Holzlöffel

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